RiskShield is a new and innovative software product family for intelligent decision automation. Combining human expertise and experience with latest software techniques, RiskShield enables software to "make decisions like an expert". On the market only since 1997, RiskShield already has 30 major installations in banking, insurance, and manufacturing. Any business that has to take a large number of decisions can benefit from RiskShield technology. 

How does RiskShield work? 

Take credit risk assessment, for example. A decision that must be taken hundreds of times a day in distributed locations of a company. RiskShield combines credit analysts experience with scoring methods and neural net technologies. Now, every credit assessment is made using exactly your company's risk policy and strictly follows your business rules. Decisions become more transparent and completely reproducible. First installations demonstrate substantial benefits. Your next leasing application could be evaluated by RiskShield.. 

Here is a quick overview of the available RiskShield (RS) products: 

RS/Application evaluates the individual insolvency risk of customers applying for loan, insurance, or leasing contracts. RS/Application considers both general risk profiles as well as individual company policies. 

RS/Claim Expedites insurance claim processing by identifying unsuspicious claims. Such claims are settled automatically with lower operational costs. Fraud is detected with consistent quality and human fraud auditors are supported with their work. RS/Claim can be integrated with existing workflow and call centre systems. RS/Claim is already used for motor, general, and home and property insurances. 

RS/Payment Fights fraud with electronic payment systems. For credit and debit card payment systems, RS/Payment matches each authorisation request to known fraud patterns. This securely detects only true cases of misuse and minimises nuisance for rightful customers. A special version of RS/Payment for Internet transactions is available. 

RS/Behaviour Monitors transaction sequences to identify typical behaviour. For transaction accounts, payment systems, and customer loyalty cards, spending patterns are detected to classify customers into pre-defined target groups. This promotes the identity of desired customers and defines cross-marketing activities. A special version of RS/Behaviour detects attrition risk of customers. 

RS/Supplier minimises supplier-related risk by automating quality control. Goods and invoices received by suppliers are continuously checked to detect differences and damages. RS/Supplier has been demonstrated to save up to 70% costs while detecting more than 99% of the bad risk. 

RS/Custom the decision modelling techniques of RiskShield are highly adaptable and may also be used to automate your specific application. For this, we provide RiskShield as a custom solution, which we tailor on-site to your needs. 

What type of software is RiskShield? 
RiskShield is a modular software product that can be used within most types of computing environment. The core component, the Decision Engine, is available in different versions for MVS mainframe computers, UNIX servers, and PC. RiskShields development component, Supervisory Workflow, runs on Windows/NT workstations and connects to the Decision Engine via computer networks. 

Is this a black box? 
Quite the opposite! RiskShield comes with a control, development and maintenance component that enables your business expert to modify the Decision Logic independently from INFORM. RiskShields decision technology is based on fuzzy logic, where the entire decision strategy is expressed in natural language rules, not confusing mathematical models. 

For more details on Riskshield contact us or visit Inform GmbH.