Applai works with a wide range of partner organisations to deliver business intelligence solutions.

Applai's partners include:

Kingswood Ltd ( ) is one of Britain's best-established software houses specialising in mapping, GIS, routing and scheduling and digital map data. It is the primary UK distributor of a range of world-class software and data products. The range includes GeoConcept (desktop mapping and GIS), TruckStops (vehicle routing and scheduling), AA digital map data, and NavTech and Travelmanager street-level digital map data.

Beacon Dodsworth ( ) has been at the cutting edge of market analysis GIS since 1989. It offers a range of services from bureau mapping consultancy to bespoke software development and a unique blend of mature technical skills and market knowledge.

Science Systems (Industrial) ( is a major force in the provision of software solutions for information management, operational management and real time control systems. Particular expertise exists in rule based systems for a large range of commercial, industrial and government clients. SSI provides resources for large clients undertaken by Applai and project management services.

ARCS ( are the leading provider of Motor Insurance business solutions in the UK. ARCS use intelligent systems to provide the car insurance accident repair industry with repair costs and provision to automate the complete claim and repair process in the most cost effective manner. New areas like fraud detection are under discussion.

ERA Technology Ltd ( ) is an international technological design and development, solutions and consultancy company. ERA provides technological expertise that assists customers to innovate and enables them to minimise technical risk, giving them a competitive edge. Typical activities include component and system design and development, complex assessment and technological consultancy.

The NWAIAG ( ) is a Technology Transfer Group specialising in business and industrial applications of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Techniques. It promotes new ways to: handle and get value from data, value and mobilise a company's knowledge asset, use computers to assist in problem solving and diagnostics and present information effectively to customers and staff through multimedia.

AI-CBR ( ) provides a wide range of services to the Case-Based Reasoning community. These include an electronic mail forum, lists of people, places and projects concerned with Case-Based Reasoning, a virtual library of Case-Based Reasoning publications, information about Case-Based Reasoning tools, vendors and the application of Case-Based Reasoning.