Knowledge Management

The ability to share knowledge is key to the development of the learning organisation one best equipped to cope with the highly competitive market facing all companies. 

Knowledge management is the application of a coherent policy, and often specialist software, for preservation, codifying, controlling and sharing of the knowledge contained in the operations of a business and the expertise of it's staff. 

Knowledge bases are collections of concepts and rules, be they rules of thumb or strict laws, upon which Knowledge Management is built. 

Applai is a distributor of Assistum from Higher Level Systems Ltd. It provides a suite of tools for the creation and application of custom Knowledge Bases by individuals, or teams of experts, which allows them to deepen their understanding of the practical and commercial issues behind a commercial decision. 

Assistum contains artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic techniques to apply the business rules connecting interdependent business concepts contained in the Knowledge Bases. It prompts and challenges decisions during interactive sessions and allows consistent strategic decisions to be taken on the development of a business. 

Assistum Visual Editor

For a demonstration of the power of Assistum, and how to select the best knowledge management technique for your problem either contact us or look at Assistum

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