Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) use computer-based mapping to improve your decision making. GIS can be as simple as using computers to draw maps, perhaps showing the locations of resources such as customers or suppliers, or it can be as complex as you want it to be! Anything from media planning, sales territory analysis and customer profiling can be made more effective using a GIS. 

Applai combines the use fuzzy logic to capture business rules and knowledge with the powerful GIS products of Geoconcept from Kingswood and Prospex from Beacon Dodsworth. This allows you to access and utilise the geographical component that is known to be in around eighty percent of the data typically held by businesses and public authorities. 

In the decision support environment, business knowledge enhanced GIS can link information such as postal geography, retail locations and the transportation network with business trends and relationships, often expressed in the terms that only soft computing techniques, like fuzzy logic, can capture. This offers the planner the ability to evaluate product potential and deliver effective promotional strategies and highlight where opportunities exist, all visualised on a map. 

Fuzzy logic techniques are already being successfully applied to routing and scheduling, traffic control and bank branch/store location planning. 

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