Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic offers precise solutions to complex business, academic research and industrial issues from risk assessment, fraud detection, corporate lending, insurance underwriting and claims assessment, through to air traffic control and industrial automation and process control and embedded systems. For example, automotive ABS anti-locking brake safety systems using fuzzy logic are now well established in the car industry.

The real advantage of a fuzzy logic system lies in its ability to take decisions in ways characteristic of human judgement.

Traditional decision support systems usually employ Boolean logic, where all decisions are either black or white. For example,

an applicant for a loan may be classified as acceptable if she is aged "25 or above" but not if she is aged "below 25". This can create all sorts of anomalies, for example, should a 25 year old be treated differently to an applicant aged 24 years and 11 months, especially when there may be other selection criteria which the latter matches more closely?

The human decision-making process tends to operate differently. As well as cases which are definitely black or definitely white, we recognise a "grey" area in between where, for example, the loan applicant meets our age criterion to some degree. It is this "grey" or "fuzzy" area that gives fuzzy logic its name.

An immediate practical benefit of using fuzzy logic is that the rule bases which are used to describe decisions are generally considerably smaller than those of conventional systems. Whereas expert systems may require thousands of rules for real world applications, fuzzy logic systems can often provide superior performance from only tens of rules. This brings significant benefits for the business experts in charge of developing systems, as they are able to read the rule base, discuss its operation, and refine it much more conveniently. Development time is therefore much reduced , as is testing and confidence in performance is raised.

Check out our introduction to fuzzy logic see Powerpoint slideshow (1.9Mb)( Mac users Control+Click) available.

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