As suppliers of software, consultancy and training Applai works with companies involved with financial services, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, power production, transportation, environmental impact assessment, market research, customer care, customer segmentation, credit assessment and attrition modelling.

Applai provides specialist consultancy services in the areas of :-

Customer relationship management
Knowledge and data management
Advanced methods of decision support
Geographic information systems
Risk and marketing systems
Fraud detection and avoidance
Engineering systems

In addition, Applai is unique in being able to offer its customers access to a network of consultants offering a range of practical consultancy and project management services designed to complement the application of business intelligence software.

These include:

data issues, including pre-processing.
model design, testing and maintenance
market research
promoting technology transfer on behalf of government agencies
prototype licensing
quality assurance
distributed database replication and monitoring
Parallel systems
EC grant preparation
specialist tender /product evaluation
conference management