Case and Rule Based Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) and Rule-Based Reasoning (RBR) are used to solve problems by storing, retrieving, and adapting the solutions to previously encountered problems. Typically they are used for Help Desks, Diagnostic Systems, Intelligent Scripting, Risk Assessment, Fraud detection, Corporate lending, Intelligent databases, Insurance Underwriting, and Claims Assessment.

They offer both a cognitive model of human problem solving and a concrete methodology for building knowledge-based systems.

Case Based Reasoning

CBR is based on the premise that expertise is experiential in nature. What separates an expert from a novice is the breadth of his or her experience.

For example:

A doctor who has seen many cases of some ailment is quick to recognise it in a new patient

A lawyer refers to past legal cases in defending a new client

A mechanic who has heard many rattles can tell you why your car is rattling

An Insurance Underwriter who has seen many cases of bad risk for Life or Car insurance

A Bank Manager who has seen many bad debts and knows how to recover money easily

A CBR computer system typically includes:

a case library, or set of example problems and solutions, called cases

a method of storing cases in the case library that facilitates their subsequent retrieval

an indexing scheme for organising the cases

a method of partial matching to determine which cases are most relevant to a current problem

a method of adapting an old solution to fit a current problem

case problem resolution, a subset of case based reasoning and provides diagnostic information for help desks and call centres; ideal for customer relationship management.

Rule Based Reasoning

Rule engines from The Haley Enterprise eliminate the need to determine every circumstance under which each rule should be checked, in what order various rules should be checked, or how to code the checking of each rule under every circumstance! Rule engines from
The Haley Enterprise also run faster and provide better scaleability than logic coded using procedural languages, object-oriented methods or relational database triggers!

Haley products include:

Eclipse: embeddable, cross platform, high performance extended functionality Rete algorithm

Agent OCX: COM with OLE encapsulation with Eclipse for Visual Basic and other Windows RAD tools.

Rete++: encapsulation of Eclipse within a code-generating C++ library for seamless integration.

CIA Server: multi-threaded, client/server version of Eclipse, Abent OCX and Rete++ for Windows and Unix-based enterprise and Web servers.

Applai is the European distributor for Haley products. We are able to advise on how best to apply Case and Rule Based Reasoning systems to many applications using the powerful tools available from The Haley Enterprise

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