Business Intelligence Techniques 

Whether you're a financial institution wishing to cut fraud or a researcher faced with making sense of complex statistical information, Applai has the tools, applications and consultancy skills you need.

Here are just some of the ways in which Applai is using business intelligence techniques

Customer relationship management
Knowledge and data management 
Advanced methods of decision support 
Geographic information systems 
Risk and marketing systems 
Fraud detection and avoidance 
Engineering systems 

Applai specialises in: 

Fuzzy Logic allowing the expert knowledge of rules required for balanced decision making to be captured in a decision support system in a readily understandable form using everyday language terms. 

Case and Rule Based Reasoning, takes a data record and compares it to a database of similar records, calculating the similarity of the current record to all of the other records. The most similar records in the database are then presented to the user. 

Knowledge Management is a dynamic technique by which a company values it's knowledge resource and manages it efficiently within the mainstream of the company activity. It is primarily focussed on the knowledge possessed by people, both implicitly and explicitly. 

Geographic Information Systems using business rules and knowledge to enhance user benefit from computer based mapping. 

If you are unsure as to which technique is most appropriate to your problem then contact us or alternatively look at The Knowledge Management tool demonstration at Assistum